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The bigger the job- the bigger the tools!

This shop has grown quickly from the basic commercial grade construction machinery to refined Industrial Machinery. For example, i'll talk about a couple tools: This Powermatic W54 replaced my Grizzly Jointer.

The General International 12" Cabinet saw seen behind it is the upgrade from the Dewalt contractor saw i still have. The fence is the standard 54".

What is the Jointers purpose ? Creating a flat and clean glue-able surface that leaves no gaps as boards are placed side by side in a glue-up.

This is paired with the Festool Domino Jointer that applies large Mortises. The boards are then marked and Moritises filled with large Beech tenons. A superior design requirement for all tables.

A jointer is a piece of machinery specifically used to flatten one face and square up one edge of rough lumber. Typically this device is used to flatten the narrowest edge of the board.

A new addition of a 15" Steelex Planer is now in constant use. It takes rough boards and precision-flattens and polishes both sides into perfect dimensional lumber. This picture is of its new arrival to the shop, retiring the Awesome Dewalt 12.5" planer seen behind it.

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