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Vermont Modern Furniture Collection

Welcome to our blog! Here you will find day-to-day activities in the workshop, new developments in furniture making and the processes necessary for this business to remain successful.

First, we would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Joni. I am the author of this blog, wife of Rich, and the cheerleader/broom sweeper extrordinaire for Vermont Modern Furniture Collection.

Rich is the owner/designer of this business. Since he was a young man, he has been involved in many different aspects of carpentry, wood working and artful design.

In 2011, we welcomed to our family, Jillian (youngest child)- seen below in the backpack. This was also the year that Rich and I decided to officially operate a furniture business. Ava. our oldest daughter (2011)

Joni and Jillian (2011)

Moss Glen Falls, Stowe Vermont

Rich and our loyal friend Bobbydog (2011)


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