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This is a brand new, non-Vintage, iconic styled Mid Century styled Dining table made from solid Black Walnut. 

A truly rare design offered through Vermont Modern Furniture. 

All joinery is comprised of large, Walnut tenons offering superior strength. 

The finish is SURFIX, a 0% V.O.C. finish with 4 different types of Waxes, and an engineered blend of Linseed and Tung oils. Water, acid, heat, stain and UV resistant finish. Also used for commercial-level applications. 

The benefit of finish: Table can be spot-repaired without having to sand existing finish to bare wood. Kid-tested and thoroughly approved ! 

The length is 96" (8 Feet) by 36"W x 29" tall. 

**This table base is shipped whole, in a 2 part freight shipment including the table top. This eliminates breakage during shipment. No fasteners required. **

"MOBILI ARCHITET" Mid Century Dining table, Solid Walnut Designer Series

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